Clean and Fully Charged

We guarantee that the scooter you order will be:

  • Fully Charged

  • Cleaned and Sanitized 

  • Totally Functional

Foldable Scooter

Have you ever rented a scooter and go into a building only to find that your scooter has been taken?

Our scooters are foldable so you can store or tow it with you.  You never have to leave them outside to be taken again!

**Scooters weight 30lbs total**

White Delivery Truck
Pick-Up and Delivery 

We offer delivery service.  You wont find one of our scooters laying on the side of a street or in a water puddle.  We deliver your scooter to you (people outside our delivery/pickup radius will occur a per mile fee). 

We also pick up the scooter from your location even if the drop off location was different.  No worries about returning the scooter to a certain area or leaving them in the streets.